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The Beginners Guide To Steel Doors

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  • Steel Door Advantages, Benefits of Steel Doors, Steel vs Other Doors, Steel Security Door Costs, DIY Steel Door Installation
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  • 14-12-2023
The Beginners Guide To Steel Doors

Find out all you need to know about security doors in our beginners guide to steel doors. This comprehensive guide walks you through everything you need to know about choosing, installing, and maintaining steel doors, whether for your home or business. 

Why Should I Consider A Steel Door?

Steel doors are frequently disregarded when planning upgrades for your home or workplace. Both wooden and uPVC doors may seem like more common choices, but integrating a steel door into your architectural design greatly boosts your property's security while also enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we aim to shed light on the multiple advantages of steel doors. Beloved for their exceptional strength, durability, and high-level security, steel doors hold a wider competitive advantage over their rivals. They are often chosen as exterior doors, especially in commercial areas.

One of the main reasons for their popularity is their ability to withstand severe weather changes which is unlike other materials. Their resistance to warping, cracking, and wood insects makes them an ideal choice. What distinguishes them from other alternatives is their remarkably long lifespan, which frequently surpasses a few decades.

Due to their longevity, they are a sturdy, one-time investment. This makes them a practical yet economical choice. Moreover, compared to other door materials, steel doors require minimal upkeep. This saves not only time but also long-term maintenance costs. In conclusion, investing in a steel door comes with numerous advantages. They cater to your needs by offering supreme quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, heightened security. So for your next renovation, consider choosing a steel door.

The Beginners Guide To Steel Doors | Steel Door Installers Yorkshire

The Main Benefits Of Steel Doors

Choosing steel doors isn't just about making a choice; it's more like making an investment that pays you back in multiple ways. One of the most immediate benefits you'll notice is their exceptional ability to deter burglars. This high level of security is a result of their robust construction.

Even when equipped with basic hardware, these doors present a formidable barrier for potential intruders, significantly boosting the safety of your property. Another fantastic benefit arises from the wide range of locking options steel doors can offer. Unlike traditional doors, steel ones can be fitted with advanced locking systems, ranging from old-style deadbolts to state-of-the-art keyless entry systems.

This not only adds an extra touch of security but also opens up multiple entry options for you, making your life a little easier. But the advantages of steel doors are not purely practical; they also come with aesthetic perks.

These versatile doors come in a myriad selection of designs and finishes, which means they can easily be tailored to match the décor of your property. Whether you are after a classic style or something more modern, a steel door can give the finishing touch that perfectly rounds off your property's visual appeal.

Moreover, steel doors may also help to improve insulation and soundproofing in your property. Their solid build and inherent material properties can provide excellent barriers against outside noise and weather, contributing to a quieter and more energy-efficient home.

Choosing a steel door for your property is much more than just deciding on a door. It's about making an investment that brings about several benefits. Not only do these doors provide robust security and a range of handy entry options, but they also offer aesthetic appeal and enhanced noise control, making them a truly advantageous choice for your property.

Steel Doors vs uPVC, Wood, Composite

Among the many choices available for doors, such as uPVC doors, wooden doors, and composite doors, steel doors firmly stand their ground. Their incredible strength, durability, exceptional weather resistance, and unquestionable security give them a significant edge.

Unlike uPVC doors that may change colour when exposed to harsh sunlight, steel doors maintain their finishes flawlessly. This resistance to weather and UV damage ensures that your steel door will retain its aesthetic appeal for many years. Wooden doors, for all their charm, are susceptible to the elements. Over time, they can develop cracks or warp, affecting both their appearance and functionality.

On the other hand, steel doors are immune to such wear and tear, thus showcasing their superior longevity and robustness. In the case of composite doors, use a combination of materials in their construction to deliver the best of all worlds. However, even they may find it hard to match the supreme strength that a steel door offers.

Steel doors, with their considerable heft and rigidity, provide a level of security that is virtually unmatched. Whether you're considering toughness, durability, weather resistance, or security, steel doors are an excellent choice. From sustaining their finishes under harsh conditions to offering superior strength compared to alternatives, steel doors hold their ground remarkably well.

Steel Door

Steel Door

How Much Are Steel Security Doors?

How Much Are Steel Security Doors?

How Much Are Steel Security Doors?

The price of a steel door can fluctuate significantly, influenced by multiple considerations such as the precise design you prefer, the dimensions, the maker of the door, and the security enhancements you opt for. As a rough estimate, you could anticipate disbursing anywhere from £200 to well above £1000 for a superior steel door. At first glance, this might appear steep. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that steel doors afford exceptional longevity and security. More often than not, they outlive and surpass other varieties of doors in their performance.

Therefore, it's prudent to think of your expenditure on a steel security door as an investment, one that could prove to be exceptionally profitable in the long term. Now, you might wonder why steel doors can cost more. The reason is the extensive manufacturing process they go through, the high-grade material used, and the exceptional security they provide. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are more resistant to rust and corrosion, adding years to their life span.

Moreover, they act as a sturdy barrier against potential intruders, offering superior protection for your home or business. So, while a steel door may be an upfront cost, its long-term benefits make it an investment well worth considering.


Can I Install A Steel Door Myself?

Steel doors are well known for their durability and strength. They provide excellent security measures to any home or commercial building. Despite their weight and somewhat intimidating appearance, installing steel doors can actually be a straightforward and manageable task.

Typically, the equipment required to carry out steel door installation comprises a level, a drill, screws, shims, and a pry bar. However, the list of necessary tools can potentially extend beyond this basic setup.

Other tools you might find useful could include a tape measure for precise measurements, a hammer, a screwdriver, and possibly a hand saw, depending on the specific nature of your task. It's important to remember to take proper precautions when using such tools as mishandling them could lead to injury. Now, when it comes to the actual installation process, there are several steps to follow.

Firstly, it's essential to measure the door frame accurately. Remember, a steel door needs to fit perfectly into its frame to function efficiently. Next, you need to secure the steel door with the hinges by using the screws. Here, the level comes into play, ensuring your door is completely straight against the frame.

After securing the hinges, you will then align the door to the frame, adjusting with shims as necessary to achieve an optimal fit. Lastly, you need to use the drill once more to secure the door and the frame together by drilling the screws in. The pry bar can also be handy in adjusting the door or removing unwanted pieces.

While this process is manageable, it does require confidence and basic construction knowledge. It may seem like a daunting task to some, especially if they lack the tools or expertise needed. In such cases, professional installation through a reputable company is always an option. Remember, professional installation doesn't just save you time, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your door is installed by a specialist.

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