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Are Roller Shutters Worth It

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  • 07-12-2023
Are Roller Shutters Worth It

This article asks: are roller shutters worth it? From heightened security features to energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, discover the compelling reasons why roller shutters are a valuable investment. Whether you're considering safety measures, seeking climate control solutions, or desiring added privacy, our guide provides the insights to help you make an informed decision. 

Considerations When Buying Roller Shutters

The decision to invest in roller shutters depends on various factors. It is paramount to select the right type of roller shutter for your home or business, considering aspects like size, material, type of operation (manual or electric), installation procedure, and warranty. Primarily, the position of your windows is vital when deciding on the roller shutter as it needs to blend in seamlessly with the architecture and not be an eyesore. The material of the shutter is a fundamental choice as well.

Aluminium is a common selection owing to its durability and strength. Alternatively, PVC is also a practical option if you're considering a more cost-effective material. The type of operation for your shutters, whether manual or electric, boils down to a choice between convenience and cost. While electric shutters might be more expensive initially, they provide unmatched convenience with a simple press of a button. Consequently, they are an ideal choice for large or hard-to-reach windows.

Meanwhile, manual shutters are generally less costly and provide a similar security level. Expert installation can make a significant difference in the functionality of the shutters. An incorrectly installed roller shutter might likely compromise its efficiency. Therefore, it’s advisable to engage a reliable company like National Shutters And Security Specialist Ltd for the installation process. Lastly, pay keen attention to the provided warranty. Ensure that you are covered for both the product and the installation, and familiarise yourself with what is covered by the warranty.

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

The question, "Are roller shutters worth it?" is one that is often asked. The answer hinges on a variety of factors, primarily the initial cost of installation. However, while costs can seem high initially, one must consider the long-term benefits that accompany roller shutter installation, such as increased security and potential energy savings.

The price of roller shutters varies considerably, largely depending on the size of your windows and the type of operation you choose, either electric or manual.

Electric roller shutters tend to be higher in price, primarily due to their built-in motorised system. This addition is designed specifically to offer the user a more straightforward process when opening and closing the shutters. 

The hands-off approach to operation is ideal for those who favour convenience or have any mobility issues. The cost for these shutters can range from £300 to £700 per window, with the price directly impacted by the window's overall size.

Are Roller Shutters Worth It? Roller Shutter Installation Yorkshire

Alternatively, if you're looking to keep costs down, manual roller shutters are a more economical option. These utilitarian models typically range in price from £150 to £300 per window. It's essential to bear in mind, though, that the operation of these shutters demands physical effort. In particular, during summer when the shutters are used more frequently, the exertion required to raise and lower them becomes increasingly significant. Despite the initial investment needed for roller shutters, whether manual or electric, it's crucial to remember that they should be seen primarily as a long-term investment.  

The heightened security they provide plays a pivotal role in preserving peace of mind and reducing worry about potential burglaries or break-ins. Moreover, the addition of roller shutters to any home or business can significantly improve energy efficiency by acting as an additional layer of insulation, thus potentially saving you money in the long run. So, are roller shutters worth it? It seems, when considering the added security, potential energy savings and the convenience they provide, the answer is most decidedly yes.

The Benefits Of Roller Shutters

While a significant investment, roller shutters carry numerous benefits that make them completely worthwhile. For starters, security is an essential advantage. Roller shutters are crafted from robust materials and feature a secure, locked design. This serves to dissuade potential burglars, ensuring a safe environment for your home or business premises. The result? Better peace of mind, knowing your property is well-secured. Furthermore, roller shutters are highly effective in maintaining optimal ambient temperature for your premises.

In summer, the shutters keep out the sweltering heat of the sun, providing a cool sanctuary. In the wintertime, they act as thermal insulators, trapping in warmth with impressive efficacy. All of this significantly reduces the necessity for heating and cooling systems, potentially leading to substantial energy savings year-round. The value of noise reduction is another significant selling point for roller shutters. Especially beneficial for homes or businesses in bustling areas, they effectively minimise noise pollution, enabling a more calming environment for the inhabitants.

Finally, another often overlooked advantage is the protection roller shutters offer to windows against harsh weather conditions and flying debris. During storms or gales, they act as a shield, preventing unwanted damage, thus further safeguarding your property. The multifaceted benefits of roller shutters make them a integral addition to any property, ensuring security, energy efficiency, peacefulness, and overall protection. The sturdy fixtures not only fortify your property but also contribute towards creating a comfortable, safe environment.

What Type Of Business Needs Roller Shutters?

Are roller shutters a worthy investment for businesses? The answer is a resounding yes. In particular, businesses that have a need for additional security measures - such as retail stores, warehouses, and educational centres - can reap substantial benefits from roller shutters.

Retail stores often hold expensive merchandise on their premises, leaving them susceptible to break-ins. The visual deterrent presentation of roller shutters can discourage potential offenders from seeking easy targets.

Furthermore, they offer a robust layer of security during the hours when the store is closed. In the case of warehouses, these structures often house large quantities of goods, sometimes in quite remote locations.


The sturdy physical barrier provided by roller shutters can effectively secure the warehouse and its contents from unwanted access.

Schools also find roller shutters advantageous, using them to safeguard classroom equipment, collective spaces, and windows. These protective shutters ensure that valuable resources, from computers to musical instruments, are safeguarded against theft or damage.   Even in the world of hospitality, catering businesses, like cafes, can utilise roller shutters.

Serving counters can be enclosed by roller shutters during non-operational hours, boosting the security of the premises. In conclusion, whether your business sector is retail, distribution, education, or food service, roller shutters provide an outstanding means of bolstering premises security. Their versatility and robustness make them a substantial asset for any organisation. 

Which Type Of Shutter Do I Need?

As you ponder whether roller shutters are truly worth it, the most crucial factor to consider at the outset is the type of shutter that suits your specific needs. Depending on varying needs such as security, convenience or budget constraints, there is a broad range of roller shutters available in the market. Homes and businesses that prioritise security find immense value in robust roller shutters and typically prefer those made from durable materials such as aluminium. These shutters provide an excellent defence against unwanted intrusion or adverse weather conditions, making them a solid investment for those keen on reinforcing security.

On the other hand, if your primary concern is ease of use, electrically operated roller shutters would be an ideal choice. With a simple click of a button, these shutters roll up and down allowing effortless operation. This particular feature contributes greatly to their appeal and their seemingly higher cost is seen as absolutely worth it by those who prioritise convenience. Budgetary considerations often lead to the selection of manual roller shutters. They might require more physical exertion compared to their electric counterparts, but they are equally functional and effective.

If finances are a significant determinant in your decision-making process, manual roller shutters are a worthy consideration. Choosing the right shutter also pertains to achieving optimal lighting conditions. For those who need to maintain daylight during the day while still wanting a robust security measure, perforated shutters would be the best fit. They feature small holes that allow daylight to permeate, striking a perfect balance between security and natural lighting.

Conversely, for creating a completely dark environment, solid shutters are your ideal solution. They are particularly apposite for late sleepers or for rooms where complete darkness is necessary, such as home cinema rooms or bedrooms. Solid shutters block all sunlight, giving you total control over the light levels in your room.

Aluminum Roller Shutters - Are Roller Shutters Worth It?

Aluminum Roller Shutters

Electric Roller Shutters - Are Roller Shutters Worth It?

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